Birdwatching in Delta de l’Ebre and Els Ports

As soon as you get to Terres de l’Ebre you start to see birds, and not just the ones you already know, but some new, fascinating ones. Mediterranean birds. With the sun on your back and a sea breeze gently touching your face you could be gazing at exotic pink flamingos, dazzling bee-eaters, scores of waders… against a backdrop of majestic mountains.
Or else wandering along the course of a sinuous river, through gorges and past mountain slopes which rise to summits where Bonelli’s Eagles and Griffon Vultures sail effortlessly by.

Or even walking along a boardwalk over a meander of the river Ebre, surrounded by lush green riverside vegetation and almost deafening birdsong. These are just a few of the experiences you can have while birdwatching in Terres de l’Ebre. It’s up to you, you can carry on thinking about it or you can check it out for yourself.

Can you imagine it?…


From the mountains to the sea. Terres de l’Ebre is home to the most important wetland on Spain’s Mediterranean coast – the Ebre Delta. Watched over by the abrupt and enigmatic mountains of Els Ports, reaching up to 1,447m.

Fascinating birds. 70% of the world’s population of the rare Audouin’s Gull breeds in the Ebre Delta.The exotic Greater Flamingo numbers thousands. From Purple Gallinules and Little Bitterns in the delta, to Bonelli’s Eagles and Eagle Owls in the mountains, it’s both quality and quantity that count.

Birds for all seasons. There are scores of attractive and appealing breeding and resident birds, spring and autumn migrations are full of surprises, and winter wetlands just bustle with life. There’s no such thing as a dull day in Terres de l’Ebre.

Terres de l’Ebre: the destination for birdwatchers

Close to you. If you are coming from far away, Barcelona International Airport is only 150 kilometres from Terres de l’Ebre, and the international airport at Reus is only 50 kilometres away. The coastline of the Terres de l’Ebre is well communicated by a modern network of motorways and main roads, as well as by rail.

Some special ingredients. Who can resist trying a great wine and olive oil from the region, fish and shellfish with a unique taste from the delta and the coast; meeting people who are warm and welcoming; and enjoying tourism unspoiled by the masses, with its own seal of personality?

With family or friends. You’ll find excellent and varied accommodation, long sandy beaches, peaks with breathtaking views, rivers and waterfalls, historical and cultural monuments. All of the right ingredients to make you and your companions happy, even the ones who are not addicted to birdwatching!



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